About Us / Who we are?

DNS is a Bangalore based financial services centre which stands for Professionalism, Efficiency, Trust & Confidentiality. We provide 360 degree services in the field of Finance, Accounting, Auditing, Taxation & Legal. We also have Business interest in Entertainment & Real Estate sectors.

DNS offers services to varied type of clients ranging from MNCs, Private Sector Companies, Banks, Charitable Institutions, Small and Medium level Firms and Individuals. The mode of working of the team at DNS, depends on the business needs of the organization, which are then separately accessed and the solutions tailored as per clients requirements.

Each and every business has a unique standing in our regard and we aim to ease their extraneous concerns so they can focus on what they do best. In this process we have accumulated an impressive list of clientele and have developed a solid relationship with each of them.
We at DNS understand that ‘Knowing is not enough, we must apply & willingness is not enough, we must deliver.’

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