" To succeed in your Mission, you must have single-minded devotion to your goal.."
- Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam
• Looking ahead, our goal is to gather more accolades from our clientele and peers through many services offered by the DNS Group.
• Incremental improvement and sustained progress.
• Keep performing well, keep going, keep learning and keep moving forward.


" How can you lead if you do not know where are you going ? " - George Newman
A strong Vision is fundamental. The world is progressing from a controlled economy to a competitive economy. The driving forces of competition demanding incredible creativity from the world of performers and achievers. The economic challenges of the present century are going to be formidable, DNS with a strategic vision believes in overcoming such challenges.
• To enhance client capabilities through our comprehensive business solutions.
• To provide positive work environment which encourages initiative, leadership, innovation and team spirit.
• Understanding Business, Doing Business and Strengthening Business


" As important it is to value the Master, so important it is to master the Values. "
• Professional services with Confidentiality, Trust, Integrity, Customer Satisfaction, Bondage & Legal Compliances.
• We cherish each & every relationship we have with all our clients.
• We believe- ‘Quality in service or performance level is not only what we put into it but also what the clients derive out of it.’
• We believe money earned should be useful to us and to the society.

Work Culture

The work culture at DNS is one which is progressive unique and which is practiced in our day-to day approach.At DNS human relations are above transactions and each member is considered to be a integral part of DNS Family.
This unique work culture encourages members at every level of the organizational structure to have a one-on-one conversation with the top level of the organization, it helps a person to grow from ‘I can’t do it.’ to ‘I did it!’
We also believe in maintaining a balance between employee’s personal and professional priorities. Recreational activities and Stress Busters are arranged periodically to ensure the work-life balance.
Staying true to our values and entrepreneurial spirit, our people remain the driving force behind our success and we work as a family.
We at DNS believe that ‘A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.’

Our Clients

Selective list of Group Clientele